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 TNA Impact results - May 10, 2007

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PostSubject: TNA Impact results - May 10, 2007   5/11/2007, 1:14 pm

Getting straight into the action, a triple threat match seeing Homicide vs. Scott Steiner vs. Brother Devon opens the show. Homicide and Steiner used a lot of double team maneuvers to their advantage, but Homicide decided to end the short lived partnership in the match, when he tried to attack Steiner from behind. AS the two started to brawl, Devon knocked Steiner to the outside, leaving him only Homicide to deal with. It looked as if Devon was going to go for a superplex, but as the referee was distracted, Hernandez came in and gave Devon a "Border Toss" which allowed Homicide to pick up the win.

After the match, Jeremy Borash was in the back waiting for Christy Hemme, but was first interrupted by a ticked off Big Poppa Pump. Steiner asked JB where Christian Cage and Tomko were to help him in the match. and then stated that back in the day when the Steiner Brothers were tag champs, his brother Rick would NEVER leave him out there alone. Christy Hemme then walked up and told JB that her first two teams didn't matter, because they weren't who she wanted. The Voodoo Kin Mafia then came in and Christy told them that she was going to the ring to make an announcement. Once in the ring, VKM followed, but were jumped from behind by Christy's new tag team, who she called "Basham and Damaja".

Once again backstage, Jeremy Borash is able to catch up with Mr. Backlund. Backlund says that he is furious that "Mr. Sabin and Mr. Shelley" stole his book. Jeremy then announces that VKM will not be able to compete in their match with Shelley and Sabin. Therefore, Sonjay Dutt and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal will be pout into the match instead. Jay says that after they win the match tonight, he is going to take home the X-Division Title on Sunday. Jeremy goes to send it back to Mike and Don, but Sonjay asks "What? I guess there's no time for Sonjay huh?" and walks off.

The X-Division tag team match begins with Lethal and Shelley. The two go back and forth, but Shelley gains the upper hand and he and Sabin keep control for most of the match. Lethal is finally able to tag in Sonjay, and he cleans house. Sonjay hits the "Sonjay Cutter" on Sabin and Lethal goes to go for an elbow drop, but Sonjay stands in the way to prevent the move. A confused L:ethal looks on as Shelley and Sabin then hit a series of double team moves, followed by a Kryptonite Krunch from Shelley to get the victory. As Shelley and Sabin head up the ramp, Mr. Backlund throws them back into the ring. Backlund gives a slam to Shelley and an atomic drop to Sabin, and the two run off.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is holding an interview between all three competitors in the NWA World Title Match at Sacrifice. One thing that was very odd though, was that the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels was with Sting before the interview got underway. The only thing audible from the two was Sting telling Daniels "Now isn't the time." Back to the interview; Sting and Kurt Angle argued throughout most of the interview, with Christian Cage adding gasoline to the fire. Stings asks Kurt if he wants to face him one more time before the PPV, and Kurt says he will go find him right now and beat him to a pulp.

Next up is the main event as Samoa Joe, Wildcat Chris Harris, and Rhino square off with AJ Styles, Cowboy James Storm, and Christopher Daniels. It was a back and forth battle with some great action. But the end of the match saw Jackie Moore throw in the beer bottle, only to end up in the hands of Chris Harris. Wildcat went to hit his former tag partner, but the referee intervened as Storm grabbed Harris' tights and rolled him up for the pin. Harris then chased Storm out of the ring and into the stands, even giving the Cowboy a back body drop from the stands onto the cement floor. No sooner did this happen when Kurt Angle and Sting appeared from the tunnel brawling towards the ring. The two made it inside the ropes, and security tried to break it up, but it was chaos out there. Christian Cage came out to watch his opponents for Sacrifice destroy each other. He could only stand there and smile as he held his NWA Title confidently to close the show

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TNA Impact results - May 10, 2007
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